Have less stress and drive ‘easy’ this holiday!

Kids waving outside car window in summer

It’s holiday time! The customary seasonal madness is happening right now, writes our motoring man, Iain Robertson, as he ponders over some practical, helpful hints to make your motoring vacation as problem-free as possible.

Unless you catch a cab, have a VIP chauffeur service provided, or use some form of public transport, with which to start your summer holiday, you are going to be reliant on your vehicle to get you to and from your destination in a painless manner. Therefore, if taking the car with you, there is a useful check-list to attend to:

  1. Don’t overload your vehicle
  2. Secure all baggage and know where the keys are
  3. Check you have your passport, licence and insurance
  4. If driving abroad, be aware of the legal requirements in that country.

In most cases, you will find help on the two websites noted at the end of this piece. While you are not under an obligation to register with any of the roadside emergency service providers, it is an aspect worth contemplating, because a breakdown can occur at any time, usually when you least expect it.

While not wishing to court disaster, should another motorist crash into your vehicle, you might need a hire car and a means by which to have your own car repaired, or returned to the UK. Obtaining the right foreign driving insurance cover ought to be on your list of priorities and your present insurer should be able to extend it to you cost-effectively.

If you are going away for any length of time, do not forget to sort out all of your domestic security and safety issues, just as you need to for your vehicle. Most parts of the Continent promise decent weather conditions but they can be a lot warmer than at home. It pays, therefore, to have your vehicle’s air-con system checked to ensure that all occupants remain comfortable regardless. Mr Clutch can carry out that service most cost-effectively.

If you are intending to drive abroad, it can be useful to have your vehicle – car, van, or motorhome, or trailer and caravan – checked over prior to your holiday. Naturally, a quick visit to your local Mr Clutch Autocentre can give you with that extra safeguard, to mean that you have less to stress you during the trip. Mr Clutch can also help you with headlamp beam adjusters and all necessary aspects for driving abroad.

Most trailers and caravans can be parked-up for several months, without moving. Their brakes can seize. Their tyres can develop flat-spots. Even wheel bearings can become rusty. Let Mr Clutch give it a cost-efficient once-over and, should anything need to be repaired, or replaced, prior to making your break, at least it can be dealt with in a friendly manner and professionally.

While they might seem elementary, the following items should be on your holiday check-list:

  1. Take photocopies of all passports and important documents, using a secure data storage website that you can access from abroad.
  2. Tell all people that you need to, of your plans, contact details, your itinerary, duration of holiday and important telephone numbers.
  3. Do not rely on sat-nav and always have a back-up map and guide book for wherever you plan to stop.
  4. Have currency available for parking, tolls and unexpected expenses.
  5. Ensure that your mobile phone works abroad.

Of course, there are a lot of tasks to carry out before starting your motoring vacation but, when removing risks is important to you and your passengers, no task is too minor and Mr Clutch can lighten the load.

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